Also cider from Canada sets foot ashore, literally on the quay of the Fenix Food Factory this Saturday at Cider Festival, with the launch of Bulwark Ciders. This cider from 100% Canadian apples has a taste profile that is more similar to sparkling wine than to the ‘farmhouse’ cider tradition. Cider is being made in Canada for a longer time than people think. Bulwark Ciders owner Germain Bergeron, who attends the festival, knows: “The tradition of making cider from the apple varietals and other fruits that grow near-by our property has a distinguished history dating back some 400 years.” There also seems to be a Dutch connection with the name Bulwark, that corresponds with the word ‘bolwerk’, which means stronghold or bastion, even the French word ‘boulevard’ stems from it. Let’s see if the Dutch cider world is not too much a Bulwark for this cider!