Line-up Cider Festival 2018, 2nd of June!

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The final lin-up for the festival is here. We’re very proud to have the most international selection of cider makers yet. Meet cidermakers from France, Latvia, Belgium, Spain, England, Canada, Luxembourg, Australia, Ireland and the Netherlands!

These participants will join the 6th Edition of the International Cider Festival at the Fenix Food Factory in Rotterdam:

Bulwark Ciders (CAN)
Lightship Cider (NL)
Sidra Viuda Angelon Pomar (ES)
Elegast distillery (NL)
Abavas vīna darītava (LET)
La Galotière (FR)
Hoxton Cidersmiths (UK)
Bear Cider (NL)
Finnbarra Cider (IRL)
De vergeten Appel (NL)
Doggerland Craft Cider (NL)
Cidre Wignac (FR)
Severn Cider (UK)
Ramborn Cider Co. (LUX)
The Hills Cider Company (AUS)
Ram Cider (NL)

The biggest ciderfestival in the low countries!

From this edition there will be awards given, called “Apple of my Eye” (oogappeltje).

With two categories:

* A Festival Favourite (by the organisation)
* A Public Favourite (the public can vote on the festival day)

Winners may use the title “Eye Apple 2018” for a year.


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